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Curious About Pricing?

Let me help you out! I have a complete list of all the services I offer and all the prices attached below. Please don’t hesitate to email (contact form above) or phone if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you at your session.


  • Sessions are roughly 1 hour in length and include one location that best compliments you and your family or up to two backdrops in studio

  • Posed, candid and individual images will be captured in this session

  • Family sessions include immediate family only (parents and children)

  • 25-30 fully edited images will be provided via digital download with permission to print

  • Session fees include in studio or local outdoor location. Travel fees are extra.


  • Up to 15 family members photographed 

  • Large group photographed as well as the family groups broken down and photographed-all discussed and planned out prior to the session

  • Approximately 30-45 images via digital download (depending on group size)

    ** this session is only offered outdoors or at a location suitable to the size of the group



  • Sessions are roughly 1 hour and include 1 location of choice

  • 25-30 images provided via digital download


  • Includes both Maternity and Newborn Session Option 1 (option 2 can be added for an additional charge of $50)

  • Each session will have 25-30 images via digital download


In-homE lifestyle newborn session $325

  • This session will take place within the comforts of your home and will showcase your beautiful new family photographed interacting in an unposed, natural way.

  • Sessions are roughly 1-2 hours (depending on feeding and whether you would like that photographed) and will include images of the new baby as well as the full family (immediate) and any siblings

  • You will receive 25-35 images fully edited via digital download.

  • There are no additional charges for multiples.

Newborn SESSION OPTION 1 $395

  • This session will only showcase the Newborn being photographed and does not include sibling or family images

  • Sessions are roughly 2-3 hours and are tailored specifically to your color preferences, interests and style (blankets, hats, and props** are provided)

  • 25-30 fully edited images are provided via digital download

  • multiples are an additional charge ($125/baby)


  • This session will showcase the Newborn photography but will begin with any sibling and immediate family images that may be requested. Please note that immediate family would include: brothers, sisters and parents.

  • Sessions are roughly 2-3 hours and are tailored specifically to your colour preferences, interests and styles (blankets, hats, and props**are provided)

  • 25-30 fully edited images are provided via digital download

  • multiples are an additional charge ($125/baby)

_*Newborn sessions are recommended to be booked in the baby's first 8-14 days. Any sessions that are booked after this time run the "risk" of the baby not sleeping as well (longer session times) as well as baby not wanting to be curled up in those cute sleeping baby poses. 

**Props are baskets, crates and may be other items that are discussed prior to the session. Please discuss any ideas that you may wish to see incorporated in your session BEFORE your session to ensure a prop that is fitting to the idea will be available.



  • This session showcases a huge milestone in your baby's development. Book when your little one can sit on their own.

  • Your little one will be photographed in various poses to document all the wonderful things they can do at this amazing stage.

  • You will receive 25-30 fully edited images via digital download. Family portraits are not included in this session.



  • Choose a location that reflects you or your business or come and visit my studio and be photographed on a seamless (grey or white)

  • Receive 5-10 images via digital download

*please contact for information about group rates, group photos or any other unique business photography you may have in mind



  • Sessions are roughly 1 hour in length and are absolutely customized to you and your vision.

  • 25-30 fully edited images provided via digital download

**Add Hair and Makeup for an additional $85-100



*any package can be created for you based on the needs of your special day. Rates will also be changed based on those needs and your budget. I will absolutely work with you. Additional rates will be added if second shooter is requested.

       Package 1   $2000

  • Ceremony coverage

  • Wedding Party formals (1 location)

  • Images fully edited and provided on USB

       Package 2   $2500

  • "Getting Ready" (Bridal pre-ceremony coverage)

  • Ceremony coverage

  • Wedding Party formals

  • Images fully edited and provided on USB

       Package 3    $3000

  • "Getting Ready" (Bridal pre-ceremony coverage)

  • Ceremony coverage

  • Wedding Party coverage

  • Reception coverage

  • Images fully edited and provided on USB



Below is a list of popular print sizes and the cost for each print.  Unfortunately there is a minimum print order of $75 if you would like your images printed from a professional lab.  Will you notice a difference in your prints?  You better believe you will.  Images printed from a professional lab are printed are better quality paper making the life of you images longer.  The labs will also be sure to calibrate their computer monitors to ensure that the prints match exactly to the art that I have provided for you.

 You will also see far better quality of canvas and inks used when ordering "Gallery Wraps".  The chances of warping or fading are not likely compared to the local companies that provide the same services.  


5x7       $4

8x10     $10

11x14    $15

16x20   $25

20x24   $50

Gallery Wraps (2" edges)/Canvas:

8x10     $95

11x14    $140

16x20   $199

*I can order different sizes so please ask if you would like a quote